According to the yoga philosophy, the human being is a combination of body, mind and soul. The soul, always bright, is the eternal part of each of us.

Asanas and pranayama, also called meditation in action, are the core of yoga practice. They bring together body and mind to meet the light of the soul to enable a glimpse of serenity.

Fundamental art

Grace, beauty and steadiness. The body is free from tensions through intense extension and motion. A deep and rhythmic breathing is then possible.

By creating a union between body and mind, the practitioner learns the art of observing. He develops intelligence and the senses of perception. The yoga practice brings a sensation of flourishing in every part of our life.

For everybody

For children, young people, adults or the elderly. Yoga suits everybody, no matter the age or health condition. 

IYENGAR® Yoga is an internationally recognized and certified yoga method.