Duration of weekly classes :  1 to 1 ½ hour

Duration of workshops : 2 to 3 hours

Wear comfortable clothes, a t-shirt and shorts are suitable. The practice is better done with an empty stomach. 

The class consists of 2/3 of active practice that mobilizes the different parts of the body by muscular action. The remaining third is made up of postures that unfold the different spaces of the body and regenerates the body-mind complex.

A philosophy

In this method the sequencing of the postures is critical. The postures are like beads linked by the string of consciousness. It is through the succession of postures, called Vinyasa, that the asanas whisper their wealth and unfold their fragrance and their energetic vibrations.

Though, “stretching” means “creating space”, it allows the opening of a path for the consciousness and the movement where sometimes no issue is seen.

 Les Tarifs applicables cette année ont été harmonisés dans tous les lieux afin de faciliter la gestion.

Adhésion Annuelle 8€

3 cours d'essai 15€

1 cours/sem (débutants, intermédiaires 1, soft) 70€/trim

1 cours/sem (intermédiaire 2) 75€/trim

2 cours/sem 100€/trim


Carte de 10 cours valable jusqu'en juin 2016 80€

cours à l'unité 10€