Each posture generates a physiological modification that will act on the brain and the nerves so that the practitioner can feel a changing in his mind and emotions.

Standing postures bring firmness, strength, mobility and balance. These postures teach the principles of alignment and correct positioning.

Sitting postures and forward bends have the properties to calm the mind and soothe the nerves, to regulate the blood pressure and increase the willpower.

Twisting postures soften the stiff neck and back, unblock the shoulders and stimulate the digestive organs and the kidneys.

Backbend postures open the chest, provide courage and energy. They teach us how to face life with a positive attitude.

Balancing postures bring a sensation of lightness and strength, develop coordination and concentration.

Inverted postures improve blood circulation, they strengthen the body and stabilize the emotions. They offer a chance to change, to see life from another angle.

Jumps are regenerating, fight depression and give strength and ease of movement.